Opportunities for Master Students

Interested students have the opportunity to undertake their Master's project in the group.
We provide a list of available topics below. Please browse through the proposals and decide whether any of them would interest you. 

If you are interested, please contact the person listed next to the project and use the tags "#master" and "#application" in the subject line.

The available projects summarized in the following list fall into two main areas: Machine Learning (ML) and Computational Genomics (CG). The projects are categorized accordingly.

Available Projects

Topic Description Area Contact Person
Large-scale clustering for compressed representation of binary matrices Download description ML/CG Mikhail Karasikov
Boosting Bayesian models of human brain connectivity Download description other Gideon Dresdner, John Samuel Harrison, Yu Yao
Dynamic Causal Models Meets Probabilistic Programming Download description other Gideon Dresdner, Yu Yao, Samuel Harrison
Pathway Score Benchmarking and Phenocopy Event Identification Download description CG Natalie Davidson
Scalable distance measures for nearest-neighbor retrieval of ICU patient contexts Download description ML Matthias Hüser, Amir Joudaki
Error Correction in Genome Graphs Download description CG Mikhail Karasikov

If you already have an idea for a Master thesis project and would like to bring it into the group, please contact us directly and we can discuss your options.