261-5113-00L Computational Challenges in Medical Genomics (Spring 2022)

This seminar discusses recent relevant contributions to the fields of computational genomics, algorithmic bioinformatics, statistical genetics and related areas. Each participant will hold a presentation and lead the subsequent discussion.

Preparing and holding a scientific presentation in front of peers is a central part of working in the scientific domain. In this seminar, the participants will learn how to efficiently summarize the relevant parts of a scientific publication, critically reflect its contents, and summarize it for presentation to an audience. The necessary skills to succesfully present the key points of existing research work are the same as needed to communicate own research ideas. In addition to holding a presentation, each student will both contribute to as well as lead a discussion section on the topics presented in the class.

The topics covered in the seminar are related to recent computational challenges that arise from the fields of genomics and biomedicine, including but not limited to genomic variant interpretation, genomic sequence analysis, compressive genomics tasks, single-cell approaches, privacy considerations, statistical frameworks, etc. Both recently published works contributing novel ideas to the areas mentioned above as well as seminal contributions from the past are amongst the list of selected papers.


The seminar is currently being held as a hybrid event. The seminar takes place physically at ETH in CAB G 57 (link to location). The time is Mondays 14-16. 

In addition, the seminar will be streamed (and recorded) as an online event, using the Zoom video conference platform. Presenters and attendees can chose whether they would like to participate in person or remotely. Attendance is taken in any case. When joining online, the students are asked to switch on their camera. 

Course Overview

Date Topic Course Material / Literature
21.02.2022 Introduction Session 1 - Slides
Session 1 - Video
28.02.2022 No session (Preparation)
07.03.2022 No session (Preparation)
14.03.2022 Presentations 1 & 2 Session 2 - Video
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
21.03.2022 Presentations 3 & 4 Session 3 - Video
Presentation 3
Presentation 4
28.03.2022 Presentations 5 & 6 Session 4 - Video
Presentation 5
Presentation 6
04.04.2022 Presentations 7 & 8 Session 5 - Video
Presentation 7
Presentation 8
11.04.2022 Presentations 9 & 10 Session 6 - Video
Presentation 9
Presentation 10
18.04.2022 No session (Easter)
25.04.2022 No session (Sechseläuten)
02.05.2022 Presentations 11 & 12 Session 7 - Video
Presentation 11
Presentation 12
09.05.2022 Presentations 13 & 14 Session 8 - Video
Presentation 13
Presentation 14
16.05.2022 Presentations 15 & 16 Session 9 - Video
Presentation 15
Presentation 16
23.05.2022 Presentation 17 Session 10 - Video
Presentation 17
30.05.2022 No session