Ximena Bonilla,

Post Doc

Biomedical Informatics Group
Schmelzbergstrasse 26
8006 Zürich
SHM 26 B 4

I’m interested in the study of cancer as a complex system by using a multidisciplinary approach consisting on multiomics, medicine, and analytical sciences to identify novel biomarkers and druggable genetic targets that can impact cancer patients’ management and survival.

I obtained my PhD in human genetics at the University of Geneva as part of the NCCR-Frontiers in Genetics program (laboratory of Stylianos E. Antonarakis) for the genomic characterization of basal cell carcinoma of the skin. My background is in genetic diagnosis (MSc, Medical genetics, University of Glasgow, Scotland) and medicine (MD, General medicine, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, México). I joined the Rätsch lab in September 2018.