Sonali Andani, MSc

Bioinformatics Analyst

Biomedical Informatics Group
Schmelzbergstrasse 26
SHM 26 B 5
8006 Zürich
SHM 26 B 5

My interest lies in understanding cancer from multiple data modality perspectives, using novel machine learning-based methods that can help in better diagnosis and prognosis of cancer.

I did my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at VIT Vellore, India. Then I went to ETH Zürich for my master's in robotics with a focus on machine learning, computer vision and image processing. During and after my masters I worked with the Computational pathology team in IBM Zurich Research Lab for two years, applying machine learning methods to understand cancer imaging datasets. Since September 2019 I have been working jointly between the Biomedical Informatics group and the University Hospital of Zurich on multi-modal data analysis of cancer.