Laurie Prélot, M.Sc. in Life Sciences and Technology EPFL

"It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has Data!" - Sherlock Holmes

PhD Student


I am interested in integrating multiple layers of omics data with novel methods to help predict novel treatment-targets and improve patient care.

I completed my B.Sc between the Classe Préparatoire Henri IV (biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon (biology). I moved to Switzerland for my M.Sc. in Life Sciences and Technology at the EPFL with a focus on computational biology. I had the opportunity to work both in academia and industry. I have held positions at Stanford University under the supervision of Anne Brunet (Aging); at EPFL under the supervision of Jacques Fellay (Human Genomics) and at Lambda Health System (Clinical assays analysis), a Swiss MedTech start-up. I recently completed my Master Thesis at Imperial College London in the team of Inga Prokopenko. There, I investigated glyceamic traits prediction from multi-omics data with machine learning in diabetic patients. I joined the Biomedical Informatics group in 2018 for my Ph.D.