The Tumor Profiler Study: integrated, multi-omic, functional tumor profiling for clinical decision support

Date 22 January 2021   Categories Featured, News

The "blue print" of the Tumor Profiler Study is published in Cancer Cell, detailing the Swiss effort in application and integration of molecular profiling technologies to create novel opportunities for personalized medicine.

As part of a clinical study involving patients from the University Hospitals in Zurich and Basel, researchers from our lab are working in a consortium conducting a thorough and highly precise investigation into the molecular and functional properties of tumours. Their goal is to help physicians to better determine which treatment will best match every patient’s cancer and thus be most effective.

Abstract    Recent technological advances allow profiling of tumor samples to an unparalleled level with respect to molecular and spatial composition as well as treatment response. We describe a prospective, observational clinical study performed within the Tumor Profiler (TuPro) Consortium that aims to show the extent to which such comprehensive information leads to advanced mechanistic insights of a patient’s tumor, enables prognostic and predictive biomarker discovery, and has the potential to support clinical decision making. For this study of melanoma, ovarian carcinoma, and acute myeloid leukemia tumors, in addition to the emerging standard diagnostic approaches of targeted NGS panel sequencing and digital pathology, we perform extensive characterization using the following exploratory technologies: single-cell genomics and transcriptomics, proteotyping, CyTOF, imaging CyTOF, pharmacoscopy, and 4i drug response profiling (4i DRP). In this work, we outline the aims of the TuPro study and present preliminary results on the feasibility of using these technologies in clinical practice showcasing the power of an integrative multi-modal and functional approach for understanding a tumor’s underlying biology and for clinical decision support.



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Overview of Tumor Profiler study. Detailed overview of patient enrollment, sample collection, analysis by different technology platforms, data integration, creation and discussion of molecular research and summary reports, clinical discussion in pre-TBs which result in hypothetical treatment decisions for each patient based on routine diagnostics alone and after consideration of TuPro data, and Tumor Boards. [Irmisch et al., medRxiv, 2020]