Student Assistant (Data/Software Engineering)

You will support the Biomedical Informatics Group ( for tasks mainly revolving around data engineering in the context of medical and genomics research. You will for example enhance existing data pipelines or prototype new ones. You work during the semester (subject to a regulatory maximum of 15h/week) and also during semester breaks depending on your availabilities and on the available workload (upon previous agreement).


You have very good programming skills in Python with experience on the “PyData stack” (pandas, matplotlib, numpy etc). You also feel comfortable working with git and on the command line. Experience in working with larger datasets (say >1e9 records or a few 100GB) is a plus, as is experience in working on an HPC system (e.g., Euler or Leonhard Open).

You should be capable of working independently, be a quick learner and eager getting into unfamiliar technologies/tools.


Please apply with your CV and a short paragraph describing your motivation to