We received a grant within the National Research Programme 75 “Big Data” (NRP 75): “A learning storage structure for genetic information”

Date 06 November 2016   Categories Featured

The future of biomedical research is closely linked to the decoding of the genome. In particular, success depends on being able to store, analyse and logically link the genetic information contained in hundreds of thousands of samples.

Improved methods in biomedical research mean that it is possible to sequence the entire genome of an individual at low cost. We are developing new technical concepts for a software system that has the task of storing tens of thousands of such data sets in one place and making them accessible for research and clinical applications. The system is based on what are known as genome graphs, a data structure that combines information on sets of genetic instructions with other relevant clinical or experimental data. New information can be added to genome graphs efficiently, and they combine a low storage capacity requirement with a capability for rapid information searching. Our research focuses primarily on reducing the amount of storage space required while retaining and enabling efficient access to all the information.