Matthias Hüser

Matthias Hüser

Graduate Student, Biomedical Informatics Group
Room: CAB F52.2
Tel: +41 44 632 23 71
Mailing Address: ETH Zurich
Department of Computer Science
CAB F52.2
Universitätstrasse 6
8092 Zurich, Switzerland



Before joining the Rätsch lab, Matthias studied Computer Science at ETH Zürich (M.Sc.), and Computing at Imperial College London (B.Eng.). He is broadly interested in Machine Learning, Operations Research and Signal Processing for Healthcare, in particular the application of Deep Learning and Bayesian non-parametric methods to EHR and genomic data. Previously he has worked on forecasting intracranial hypertension events using high-frequency ICU data.

Conference contributions:


  1. Valeria De Luca, Matthias Hüser, Martin Jaggi, Walter Karlen, Emanuela Keller (2016) Temporal prediction of cerebral hypoxia in neurointensive care patients: a feasibility study, 16th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Neuromonitoring, Cambridge, MA, USA
  2. Matthias Hüser, Valeria De Luca, Martin Jaggi, Walter Karlen, Emanuela Keller (2015) Forecasting intracranial hypertension using waveform and time series features, Vasospasm 2015, Nagano, Japan
  3. Matthias Hüser, Martin Jaggi, Valeria De Luca, Walter Karlen (2015) Predicting intracranial pressure elevation using multiparameter summaries of physiological channels, SSBE Annual Meeting 2015, Neuchatel, Switzerland